Please be aware that Rewards functionality is currently in beta testing.

How to get rewarded?

Arcade Chain Platform is an unique platform where profits from the games are shared with all the players.

  • cross mark Hold ACT token
  • The more tokens you hold the more you get rewarded.
  • cross mark Play our games
  • To be eligible for current week’s rewards you need to play a single round of any of our games that week.
  • Win Golden Ticket
  • For every round played in any of our games you get one entry to win the Golden Ticket - 10% of our treasury in TUSD.
  • Rewards in TUSD
  • For your convenience all our rewards are paid in TUSD directly to your wallet.

Your ACT holdings

Your average ACT holdings per day for the week. The more ACT you hold the bigger share of the rewards you’ll receive.

Your average ACT held up to now:

Your projected average ACT when position held:

Current Treasury Balance

Our treasury holding get redistributed to ACT tokens weekly. The below is it’s current balance and allocation